Delegated Proof of Work

A peer to peer delegated PoW to Nano transactions .

The future of Nano ecosystem

In order to make Nano universally instantaneous by enabling the integration of low-processing and memory devices without the need for central servers, we introduce a Peer-to-Peer Delegated Proof of Work mechanism. Which rewards workers interested in providing computing resources to network users in exchange for a fee. Using Nano's cryptocurrency sequence block system itself, we have created a negotiating mechanism where neither party can be dishonest. This eliminates any need for central coordinator.


Code and Download


With this API made in python you can sell Proof of Work to other users.


Our Nano desktop wallet created in python that integrates the Delegated Proof of Work. The appereance was inspired by the Bitcoin Electrum wallet

Mobile Wallet

Mobile devices with little computational power need attention. We want to launch a mobile version soon, allowing faster transactions.